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Fighting for
justice, and

A democracy for
all of us

The freedom to be who we are and to choose our own destiny. Justice in our courts and our communities. A democracy that represents us all. That’s how we define the American Way. We won’t let anyone take our rights and freedoms away. Together, we will fight, and we will win. 

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President Biden in front of an American flag.

We're honoring President Biden for his service and commitment to our country

Joe Biden has shown us what leadership is all about. His decision to step aside in this critical moment demonstrates the kind of selfless patriotism that Donald Trump is incapable of even imagining. Now is the time to go forward with a renewed commitment to defeating Trump and his increasingly fascist MAGA movement in November.

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donald trump with a red hue overlay pointing at the sky with a microphone in front of his mouth

Is Project 2025 real?
Yes! And it’s a real danger to real people.

Project 2025 is a dangerous plan by MAGA movement leaders and organizations to give a future President Trump unchecked power. Learn about what it includes, who it would hurt, and why we must fight so hard to prevent it from ever being implemented.

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of the fight for our future
Young activist at a protest.
Young activist holding a microphone up.
Young activist during a speech.