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There’s never been a more urgent time to defend freedom, justice, and democracy. Join us now!

Our members come from all walks of life 

They’re donors, public officials, and artists. They’re grassroots organizers, teachers, students, business owners, activists – and concerned citizens ready to fight for freedom, justice, and democracy: people just like you!  Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you’ve got a part to play in this fight, and we would be proud to count you as a member.

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Your contribution will help…

  1. Protect our basic right to vote
  2. Stop book bans, censorship and attacks on education
  3. Fill our federal courts with fair-minded judges
  4. Defend democracy from authoritarian attacks
  5. Monitor and disrupt MAGA extremism 
  6. Elect progressive officials who will work hard all of us, not just the wealthy and the powerful

With your membership you’ll receive…


Exclusive member briefings

You’ll enjoy access to live virtual member briefing events with our experts as well as progressive activists and leaders.

Updates on our work

Regular updates arrive right in your email inbox so you can stay on top of how your contribution is making a difference.

Trainings and resources

You’ll gain the tools and tips you need to take action in your area, including fact-based information and messaging.

Insightful newsletters

From issues-based information to our hit “Trumptastrophe” series, you’ll have the inside scoop delivered directly to you.

Online store discounts

Get discounts on all your favorite People For merch from our online shop, so you can show off your support wherever you go.

And much more!

We’re always adding more benefits for our members and creating new ways for you to feel good about your contribution.

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