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White House Rally


Empowering people to create change together
Older man holding a sign at a protest that reads "voting rights now!"

With the help of our incredible members, we’re building a country that works for all of us  not just the wealthy and powerful.

Resisting censorship

We defend honest education and fight to halt censorship efforts in schools, libraries, and communities.

Petition signatures
More than 25K activists have signed their names to successful petitions opposing book bans and censorship.
Activists rallied
Outstanding groups of activists have attended rallies and protests led by People For Foundation's Grandparents For Truth program.
Cities hosting clubs
Six key cities have Grandparents For Truth clubs launched or in the works.

Fighting for fair courts

We’re making sure our courts defend democracy and work for all of us — not just the wealthy and powerful. 

Women judges
The majority of federal judges appointed under the Biden administration are women.
People of color
The majority of federal judges appointed under the Biden administration are people of color.
Black women judges
More than one third of all Black women federal judges in U.S. history were put on the bench by President Biden.

Protecting the right to vote

Every voter has the basic right to cast a ballot and have it count. That’s what we’re fighting for, and we won’t stop until it’s a reality. 

Viewed actions
Our pro-democracy actions have been viewed millions of times across diverse media outlets.
Voting rights events
Along with coalition partners, we've hosted and supported more than one thousand events around voting rights.
Activists mobilized
We've engaged more than a thousand activists in protests calling on the Biden administration to protect voting rights.

Fighting far-right extremism

We’re resisting politicians and billionaires who are out to abuse their power, weaken democracy, and impose their backward-looking agenda on the rest of us. 

Video views
Our videos exposing far-right extremism have been viewed millions of times.
Social views
We broke the news on House Speaker Mike Johnson claiming God raised him up to be an American "Moses," and the video has garnered millions of views.
Cited stories
Our Right Wing Watch program was cited more than 100 times by news outlets after breaking the news on Donald Trump meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Winning elections

We’re working to elect progressive leaders who will fight the MAGA movement and defend our democracy.

Endorsed candidates
Nearly two dozen of our endorsed candidates were elected to state and local offices in 2023.
Targeted states
We're supporting candidates in nine electoral target states in 2024.
Races tracked
We're tracking more than 100 races at the local, state, and federal levels.

More than 1,000,000

members and supporters
Man working on a mural.
Activist with hand raised.
Svante Myrick standing at a podium in front of the Capitol building.

Together, we can do anything

Join the movement for freedom, justice, and democracy