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Protesters hold signs at an event objecting to book bans

Book Bans & Censorship

Opposing attacks on education and fighting for the right of all children to learn

Education is essential to a thriving democracy. We won’t let book banners and deniers of truth take it away.

Woman holding a sign framing her face  that says #TeachTruth
Photo by Sam Mallon/Education Week

Assaults on education threaten our kids

We support the right of teachers to teach, and students to learn, the full and complicated history of our country. In school districts and libraries across the country, far-right extremists are working to ban books and water down any curriculum that does not fit their narrow political ideology. These attacks frequently target content by and about Black and brown people, LGBTQ+ people, women, immigrants, religious minorities, and more. They distort history and science, harm kids, leave them unprepared for the future, and doomed to repeat the past.

A group of protesters hold signs that say "read with pride" and "ban fascists, save the books"

Extremists oppose fact-based education

Anti-education extremists seek to indoctrinate our children and weaken our public schools. Their method? Opposing fact-based and inclusive educational curricula and materials and attacking educators and librarians who stand up for the truth. Because these attacks are on the rise, we must rise to the challenge.

Because of People For…

Petition signatures
More than 25K activists have signed their names to successful petitions opposing book bans and censorship.
Activists rallied
Outstanding groups of activists have attended rallies and protests led by People For Foundation's Grandparents For Truth program.
Cities hosting clubs
Six key cities have Grandparents For Truth clubs launched or in the works.
Banned books read
Grandparents For Truth's banned book reading challenge saw more than 50 banned titles read by activists.

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