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A Black man and woman holding megaphones wearing shirts that read People For the American Way

Defend the Black Vote

The Black vote is under attack. We won’t stand for that.

Our vote is our voice - and we won't be silenced.

Defend the Black Vote is one of the largest successful GOTV efforts directly reaching millions of Black men and succeeding in moving them to cast a ballot. 

Black voters are being targeted

We're ensuring everyone can vote and have their vote counted

Voting is how we make our voices heard and use our power in our democracy. But across the country, Black communities are facing targeted attacks like racist voter suppression laws and disinformation campaigns. And this comes on top of decades of systemic inequities that make it harder for Black voters to cast a ballot.

A black man holding a megaphone at a protest

Why voting rights matter

Our votes are powerful - and that’s why every voter matters.

Democracy works best when every eligible voter casts their ballot and has their vote counted. Only then do communities have elected representation that reflects their interests and meets their needs. When Black voters make their voices heard, their power is felt. Anti-democratic forces know that, and that’s why they try to suppress voting rights. We’re working to make sure Black voters make their voices heard at the ballot box.

We’re fighting for every vote, every voice

Together, we can make a difference and defend the Black vote

Defend the Black Vote is combating massive voter suppression with massive voter mobilization. Our successful, field-tested outreach and education program targets millions of Black voters with peer-to-peer texting campaigns, social engagement, and more. We believe these voters are ready and willing to cast their ballots when they are informed and engaged – not overlooked.

African American voters
We've reached millions of African American voters and mobilized them make their voices heard.

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