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Trump flags at the Capitol insurrection on January 6, 2021

Far-Right Extremism

MAGA Republicans are intent on pushing a hateful, anti-democratic agenda, and we won’t stand for it

The anti-democratic MAGA movement threatens our freedom and our future as a free society. We cannot let their hateful ideology thrive.

Donald Trump pointing at the screen
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Far-right extremism endangers us all

Authoritarian politicians and their supporters have shown us that power means more to them than our democracy. They are trying to rig future elections by making it harder for some people to vote. They are trying to turn back the clock on equality for LGBTQ Americans and eliminate women’s access to abortion, imposing their will over the wishes of large majorities of Americans. They are trying to control what students can read and learn about our history. They are promoting religious bigotry and toxic ideologies like white nationalism and Christian nationalism. We’re working to identify, expose, and counter far-right extremists to show the world exactly how dangerous they are.

A young woman holds her hands to the camera. Written on them is "our future is in your hands"

If left unchecked, the far-right agenda will mean fewer rights for us all

The same billionaires and anti-democratic political operatives who succeeded in taking over the Supreme Court are now scheming to take control of every level of government. They are prepared to give Trump the powers of a dictator and use the full force of government to weaken protections for workers, women, racial and religious minorities, LGBTQ community, consumers, and the environment. We cannot let this happen.

Because of People For…

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Our videos exposing far-right extremism have been viewed millions of times.
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We broke the news on House Speaker Mike Johnson claiming God raised him up to be an American "Moses," and the video has garnered millions of views.
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Our Right Wing Watch program was cited more than 100 times by news outlets after breaking the news on Donald Trump meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

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