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People For President Svante Myrick with a bullhorn

Regulate the Use of AI in Elections

Tell the Senate: No More Election Deepfakes

People For President Svante Myrick with a bullhorn

The new era of artificial intelligence comes with real challenges to our democracy. Deceptive AI-generated content, like highly realistic videos (also known as deepfakes) created to falsely represent the positions of candidates, or to spread misinformation about the election, can be hard for users to accurately identify and avoid. It is important that we get ahead of the threats that unregulated AI poses to our election integrity. There are three bills in the Senate now that need your support: legislation that prohibits deepfakes in political ads, a bill that requires disclaimers for AI-generated ads, and legislation that will develop guidelines on the use of AI in election administration.

Sign our new petition urging the Senate to pass a package of bills that regulate the use of AI in election-related materials now!


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