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A Black woman holding a microphone, and older white woman holding a sign that says Grandparents For Truth, and a young woman in a hat in front of a sunburst

Grandparents For Truth

Organizing to oppose book bans and censorship, and fighting for the right of all children to learn

Every child deserves to learn our nation’s full, honest history

We won’t let book banners erase our stories and lie about the world we live in. 

Protesters hold signs that read "ban the fascists, save the books," and "read with pride"

Grandparents For Truth mobilizes to defend education

We’re grandparents, families, and friends who won’t let censors ban books and whitewash history

Grandparents For Truth is a national initiative for grandparents (and their allies!) to fight for the next generation’s right to an honest education. We champion the right of all students to learn, and teachers to teach, an accurate representation of our history and society.  

While inspired by the unique wisdom and love that come from grandparents, we welcome all people of all ages and backgrounds to join and support us! 

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Our communities are under attack

Book banning and censorship are on the rise

Some politicians and groups are using “parental rights” as cover for their effort to control what all kids can read and learn, imposing an intolerant ideology on students, schools, and libraries. 

Sadly, we know that the vast majority of banned and challenged books are written by or about members of the LGBTQ+ and Black and brown communities. In addition, censors seek to remove or rewrite the curriculum on slavery, the Holocaust, the civil rights movement and more. Censoring what students can learn doesn’t just harm and isolate vulnerable kids, it denies all kids a chance to learn about the diversity of our country and understand our history.

This is a dangerous political movement that is ultimately seeking to weaken our entire public education system. We can and will stop this harm.  

Education is key to a better future

We must equip our young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to build a better world. They need an education that includes our nation’s full history and the stories of all people of different backgrounds. The ability to learn about our past and our present —  no matter how painful those lessons may be — fosters respect, critical thinking, and empathy. It also ensures we are not doomed to repeat the injustices of the past.

Hundreds of inspiring activists have participated in rallies and events organized by Grandparents For Truth.

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Show your support for Grandparents For Truth and the freedom to learn at a rally, a school board meeting, or your local coffee shop! 

Protesters hold signs at an event objecting to book bans

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