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African American Religious Affairs

Centering Black clergy, theologians, and lay leaders in collaborating with allies of all faiths
Black woman clergy member speaking at a rally

Faith in Action

In the proud justice-seeking tradition of the Black Church, we’re supporting and collaborating with clergy, theologians, and leaders of all faiths to promote civic engagement.

Faith and change go hand in hand

Faith leaders have a long history of fighting for equality and justice

Throughout our country’s history, faith leaders have been instrumental in the movement for civil rights, defending freedoms and countering the religious right’s attacks on liberties. Today, as the influence of White Christian Nationalism seems stronger than ever, we need voices of all faiths to come together and counter its hateful ideology.

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Getting out the vote in 2024

With the support of partners, we're working to get out the vote in 2024 amongst congregations around the nation. 

We are...

  • Organizing and bringing faith leaders together for our National Convening in June 2024
  • Developing a comprehensive 2024 GOTV plan that makes an investment in 6 target states
  • Providing tangible tools and resources to congregations in our target states
  • Engaging congregations in our 2024 Defend the Black Vote efforts

Building Community for More Than 20 Years

We’re proud to work with a diverse array of faith leaders.

People For’s religious affairs program was founded by our board member and longtime community leader, Rev. Timothy McDonald. While building on the strength of the Black Church, it has served to unite leaders across faith traditions, driving civic engagement, voter turnout and the fight for equality. From Souls to the Polls efforts and beyond, we’re proving that people of diverse faiths can form a powerful movement to counter White Christian Nationalists and all who stoke hate and division.

We've connected more than 2,500 clergy and ministry leaders as part of our Religious Affairs program.

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