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Activist toolkits

Resources to help you make a difference

Progress starts here

With all the issues we’re facing as a nation, it can be hard to know where to start. Our activist toolkits put the resources, information, and gameplans you need all in one place, so you can move forward with confidence.

Three people with megaphones in front of a blue half circle

Let's get ready to vote!

November 5th is coming up quick! And depending on where you live, primaries and voter registration deadlines are coming even quicker. We've put together the tools you need to make sure you're ready to vote in person or by mail this November! 

Map of the united states

Take action in your state

This election season, we're working to protect democracy across the country - and we need your help! Here's how you can join the movement no matter where you are.

How to fight censorship

Imagine what we can do if we fight for the freedom to learn together. Our team at People For the American Way has put together the tools to help us do just that