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Mission & Overview

About People For the American Way

We are… People for freedom. People for justice. People for democracy. Ready for whatever comes next.

Our mission

People For the American Way is a national progressive advocacy organization that inspires and mobilizes Americans to defend freedom, justice, and democracy from those who threaten to take them away. For more than four decades, we have been dedicated to making the promise of America real for everyone and have worked toward a vision of a vibrant America where basic rights and freedoms are upheld for all, not just the wealthy and the powerful. 

Over 40 Years
of fighting for an inclusive America

In 1981, Norman Lear, a World War II vet and iconic television producer, was so troubled by the growing religious right movement and its messages of intolerance that he co-created People For the American Way. Since its founding, the organization has advanced a vision of freedom and equal opportunity for all.

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Together, we can create change

More than a million members and supporters strong. Our members are all-in on building a democracy that works for all of us.