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Image of protesters with large letters that say "voting rights" behind them

Voting Rights

One person, one vote. Now and always.

Every voter has the basic right to cast a ballot and have it count

That’s what we’re fighting for, and we won’t stop until it’s a reality. 

The right to vote is under attack 

Attacks on voting rights are worse now than they’ve been in decades. MAGA Republicans are targeting Black and brown voters, LGBTQ+ voters, working people, young people, people with disabilities, and more. They’re passing discriminatory laws and intimidating voters. We can’t let them win. And we won’t.

Older man holding a sign that says "voting rights now"

Voting is power

That’s why MAGA Republicans don’t want everyone to vote. They know that when everyone votes, big corporations, the wealthy, and the privileged can’t hoard power for themselves. So they’ll use any weapons they have — money, misinformation, even violence — to keep people from voting. We’re calling for federal and state voting rights laws that protect our vote and make democracy real for all of us.  

Because of People For...

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Our pro-democracy actions have been viewed millions of times across diverse media outlets.
Voting rights events
Along with coalition partners, we've hosted and supported more than one thousand events around voting rights.
Activists mobilized
We've engaged more than a thousand activists in protests calling on the Biden administration to protect voting rights.

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