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Election 2024

The Art Newspaper: How artists are uniting to defeat Donald Trump at the polls

First published in the Art Newspaper.

Art by Beverly McIver that has a woman covered in flowers and the message "VOTE" with the T being a uterus
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People For Director of Campaigns Rio Tazewell explains campaign details related to People For's Artists for Democracy campaign bringing together artists to defeat Donald Trump. 

Art has the power to transform the world. It reaches people in ways that conventional language cannot. It shapes culture and drives political movements. Visual artists, poets, musicians and performers of all kinds hold immeasurable sway over the hearts and minds of people worldwide and have since the dawn of civilization.

Today, the US stands at an unprecedented and dangerous crossroads. Our nation’s nearly 250-year-old democracy is under siege from enemies both foreign and domestic, and the results of our presidential election in November will forever shape the future of our country, our democracy and the modern world as we know it. This is where art meets activism.

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