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Money in Politics

A Big Week for #Democracy4All

People For the American Way and our pro-democracy allies have been working hard to boost House and Senate cosponsorship of the Democracy For All Amendment to overturn decisions like Citizens United and get big money out of politics.

Based on the pressure we have brought to bear, we just reached a major milestone in the House. Eleven new cosponsors have signed on since July 8. That makes 159 total – as many as all House amendments from the last Congress combined, and then some. That's more than halfway to the two-thirds majority needed to send an amendment to the states for ratification.

We also made progress in the Senate this week, adding Maria Cantwell of Washington and Chris Coons of Delaware to our list of supporters, bringing the total to 44 – more than sixty percent of the votes needed.

Thank you for helping us get to this point.

We hope that you'll continue to stand with us and tell Congress to overturn Citizens United.