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As Senate Nears Confirmation of 200th Biden Judge, April Sees Key Decisions Made Possible by Biden Judges on Transgender Rights, Censorship, Consumer Protection and More

A stock photo of a judge slamming down a gavel.
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As May continues, as discussed below, the Senate should soon confirm the 200th federal judge nominated by President Biden. Biden judges took part in 13 important decisions, casting key votes that made justice possible for Americans across the country. These included rulings on such subjects as transgender rights, protection, censorship, police misconduct, and workers’ rights. Each case is summarized below, along with a link to the full the American Way Foundation blog entry on the decision and to the ruling itself. Links to previous People For analyses of Biden judge cases are also below. Such rulings by Biden judges demonstrate the importance to all of us of promptly nominating and confirming fair-minded judges. The Biden White House and Senate Democrats have been working hard to rebalance the courts after four years of Trump-McConnell judges, and should reach an important landmark soon. As of May17, the Senate has confirmed 197 Biden judges, several more than the 193 confirmed by Trump and McConnell at this point. With 15Biden nominees waiting for floor votes, the 200th confirmation should happen soon. More work remains necessary, however, since Trump and McConnell confirmed 41 more judges at this point in2020 through the end of the year. Updated statistics can be found here. Previous People For analyses of Biden judge rulings include our September 2022 report, July 2023 report, and monthly summaries for September , October, November, and December of 2023  and for January, February  and March 2024.