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Important Gun Safety Law Reinstated by Biden Judge

Close up of the gun on a police officer's belt
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Judge Eunice Lee, nominated by President Biden to the Second Circuit, put back into place a New York gun safety law that was stopped by a highly criticized lower court through a temporary injunction. The law sets important limits on where and under what circumstances people can carry guns after the Supreme Court struck down an earlier state gun safety law. Although the ruling is temporary pending a decision by a three-judge panel, it drew praise from New York Attorney General Letitia James. The order means that the “common sense” law will “continue to protect communities” and the “safety of everyday New Yorkers” as “the appeals process moves forward.”

As the November elections approach, Judge Lee’s decision underlines the importance of voters ensuring that the Senate will continue to promptly confirm Biden nominees to fill critical vacancies on our federal courts. The October 2022 ruling was in Antonyuk v Hochul.