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Important Witnesses About Kavanaugh Who the FBI Should Interview

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Troubling reports suggest that despite concerns by senators, limits remain on the FBI investigation of the serious sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. To be credible, the investigation must include not only the assault allegations themselves but also the apparent lies Kavanaugh has told the Senate Judiciary Committee about his drinking and related behavior.  Although the list of who the FBI has interviewed is constantly changing, the following key potential witnesses (in addition to the survivors themselves) identified by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats must be interviewed. As of October 1, such interviews have apparently not taken place. Some have publicly stated that they have approached the FBI but were not interviewed, despite their efforts.

Kavanaugh’s sexual assaults in high school and his lies about drinking and related issues

  • Elizabeth Rasor: She was the high school girlfriend of Mark Judge and has stated publicly that Judge told her about a drunken group sex incident that appears similar to the statement by Julie Swetnick. As of October 1, she explained that she had attempted to contact the FBI without success.
  • Other Georgetown Prep classmates: a total of 5, including Christopher Garrett (who Dr. Blasey-Ford explained introduced her to Kavanaugh), Timothy Gaudette, Sean Hagan, Thomas Kane, and Bernie McCarthy.
  • Other corroborating witnesses of Dr. Blasey Ford: a total of 5, including polygraph examiner Jeremiah Hanafin and people to whom Blasey Ford has disclosed her assault, including her husband Russell Ford and friends Rebecca White, Keith Koegler, and Adela Gildo-Mazzon.

Kavanaugh’s sexual assault in college and his lies about drinking and related matters

  • Unnamed Yale classmate: He has repeatedly tried to contact the FBI to corroborate Deborah Ramirez’s accusations of sexual assault against her by Kavanaugh, but without success.
  • Richard Oh: Yale classmate who heard a female student describing an incident similar to what Ms. Ramirez has related.
  • James Roche: Kavanaugh’s freshman college roommate who contradicts Kavanaugh’s drinking claims and states that he was a “notably heavy drinker” and “became aggressive and belligerent” when he was very drunk.
  • Elizabeth Swisher: Yale classmate who similarly states that she saw Kavanaugh “very drunk many times” and that “there is no way he remembers everything” that he did when drunk.
  • Lynne Brookes: Yale classmate and self-described Republican who similarly states that it is “not plausible” that Kavanaugh “remembers everything that he did when he was drinking.
  • Mark Krasberg: Yale classmate who reported that Kavanaugh’s college behavior had become a topic of discussion among former Yale students after his nomination.

No FBI investigation could conclusively establish the truth of the sexual assault and lying claims. But to have any credibility at all, the FBI must interview all 17 of these witnesses and more.