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Kicking off #FreedomRide2021 in Jackson, Mississippi!

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People For the American Way is on the Road to Defend the Black Vote! We're proud to be joining the 2021 Freedom Ride for Voting Rights! We'll be riding along on the Blackest Bus in America, organizing to defend the Black vote and pass the For the People Act. Follow along for updates from Markus Batchelor, People For's Deputy Director of Leadership Programs.

It's time for bold action to Defend the Black Vote. 

"Enough is enough. It's time for bold action. The right to vote is under attack in communities across the country, and we need the federal government to step in and do what they must do to defend the Black Vote," said Batchelor at the kickoff event in Jackson, Mississippi.

"We know what we need to do. We need to have a clean For the People Act that's not watered down. We need a John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act that truly honors his legacy. And as a kid from D.C., who has never had a voting member in the House or any members in the Senate, it's overdue for D.C. statehood."


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Watch: Markus Batchelor Speaks at the Kickoff Event in Jackson, Mississippi

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