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McCain Recites the Harvard Argument

Sen. John McCain just used his time on the Senate floor to speak extensively about Elena Kagan’s actions involving military recruitment when she was dean of Harvard. A dean who reveres the military, McCain said, would not put up with potential recruits “wandering the halls of Harvard Law School hoping that someone will stop and talk to them.”

As Sen. McCain well knows, Dean Kagan did not leave aspiring members of the military to “wander the halls of Harvard Law School.” Instead, she made every effort to help the student veterans’ association recruit students—an effort so successful that military recruitment went up while Kagan was dean.

McCain also quoted from the testimony of the right-wing activists the GOP brought in to bash Kagan’s record on military recruitment--while conveniently ignoring the far more reliable testimony of several members of the military who were actually at Harvard while Kagan was dean, who assured Senators that they received ample opportunities and respect from their school.

I recommend reading People For president Michael Keegan’s piece in the Huffington Post on what the GOP’s fixation on these empty military recruitment charges is really about.