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Meet Grandparents For Truth, the New National Initiative of People For the American Way

A grandparent smiling at a rally with younger people.
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For more than 40 years, People For has been fighting for future generations’ freedom to learn and resisting authoritarian attacks on the freedom to teach the truth about our history and our culture. Now, we’re mobilizing our 1.5 million members who are grandparents, have grandparents, or know grandparents to join and support a new campaign committed to opposing book banning and censorship. 

Grandparents For Truth will be a voice against censorship and for the freedom to learn, mobilizing and empowering members to attend school board meetings and legislative sessions and speak out against book bans and censorship as tools of authoritarianism. Bringing all the love and wisdom of grandparents to bear, Grandparents For Truth will advocate for inclusive education and access to a full range of reading materials reflecting the lived experiences of diverse identities.

Grandparents are the perfect people to push back against the tide of censorship we’re facing today. They’ve seen how censorship and book banning have played out as tools of authoritarianism in the past, and they have a stake in the future and in building the world their grandchildren will inherit. 

Now’s the Time For Grandparents For Truth

Book-banning and censorship are on the rise, and the attacks on education are becoming more and more aggressive. Moms for Liberty, one of the primary drivers of the latest spate of books bans, is working to undermine freedom and acting as a launchpad for anti-education activists. They’re pushing an authoritarian agenda and raising a lot of money for anti-education politicians in the process. Grandparents For Truth serves to counter groups like Moms for Liberty and combat attacks on our children’s future and on our democracy. 

This isn’t just about one or two books. This is a coordinated assault on marginalized communities and the diverse society that’s so integral to a thriving democracy. The vast majority of banned and challenged books are written by or about members of the LGBTQ and Black communities, showing just how targeted these attacks are. 

Under the guise of parental rights, groups like Moms for Liberty and their political allies are seeking to control what other parent’s children can read and learn, imposing their ideology on students, schools, and libraries. There is an urgent need for the voices of grandparents and everyone who believes in the right of students to learn, and teachers to teach, an accurate representation of our history and society. 

Get Involved With Grandparents For Truth

If, like us, you believe in the importance of inclusive education, especially education that represents the true experiences of traditionally marginalized communities, including Black and brown communities, LGBTQ communities, and women, then Grandparents For Truth needs your support. Stand up for accurate and honest education, and make your voice heard against censorship and authoritarianism. 

You can show your support for Grandparents For Truth by signing up to join the movement, no matter your age or whether you’re actually a grandparent. Everyone who believes in the freedom to learn is welcome. You can also attend a rally, share graphics, and even record videos about why you support Grandparents For Truth on our Grandparents For Truth campaign page

With so many attacks on the freedom to learn, we need grandparents, grandkids, and everyone in between who believes in inclusive education to come together and take a stand against censorship. Together, we can protect future generations from authoritarianism.