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Montana LGBTQ Leader to Senator Tester: #StopGorsuch


The most important part of our #StopGorsuch campaign is that senators hear from you–their constituents—about why Judge Neil Gorsuch is an unacceptable nominee to serve on the Supreme Court. On Monday, a letter from Doug Ingraham, a leader in Montana's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, appeared in the Montana Standard calling on Senator Jon Tester to stand up for LGBTQ Montanans and oppose Judge Gorsuch.

Ingraham wrote:

This nomination does not bode well for women’s reproductive healthcare or for LGBTQ Americans and our freedom to live, work, and play free from discrimination — not to mention to marry the person we love. Too much is at stake with this lifetime appointment to the nation’s highest court to confirm an extreme ideologue.

I expect Sen. Tester to stand up for my basic civil rights and oppose Gorsuch’s confirmation.

You can read his full letter to the editor here.