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People For Holds Member Briefing on Judge Jackson's Supreme Court Nomination

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Three days after President Joe Biden announced his nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, People For the American Way held a member briefing on how people can get involved to ensure that Judge Jackson has a swift and fair confirmation process. It was hosted by People For President Ben Jealous, who was joined by People For experts Reverend Leslie Watson Wilson, Raquel Jones, and Marge Baker, and special guest Elie Mystal, justice correspondent for The Nation and a former litigator.

Raquel Jones, People For's Director of Leadership Programs, describes the importance of this moment, not only to her, but to the more than 1,300 members of our Young Elected Officials Network.

Rev. Leslie Watson Wilson, National Director of our African American Religious Affairs, talks about what African American congregations are doing across the country to support Judge Jackson's nomination.

Elie Mystal explains why Judge Jackson's background, particularly her work on the U.S. Sentencing Commission, is such a key perspective for us to have on the Supreme Court.

Rev. Watson Wilson tells People members, supporters, and activists what we can all do to get involved in supporting the confirmation of Judge Jackson.

Mystal explains to the audience how Judge Jackson's unique perspective, stemming from her extensive legal career, will inevitably help to influence her fellow justices on the Court.

Why we can't wait to #ConfirmJackson

Judge Jackson has a deep and demonstrated commitment to civil rights. On the federal bench, she has shown her commitment to upholding laws that protect people with disabilities, workers, immigrants, and freedom of speech. As a former public defender, she brings to the Supreme Court the perspective of someone who has seen the justice system through the eyes of our society’s most vulnerable. Her lived experience as a Black woman enriches her perspective about how the legal system affects people’s rights and lives, and is greatly needed on our highest court.

This is a defining and long overdue moment for our country. We need to make sure that as many senators as possible vote to confirm Judge Jackson to the bench, so your advocacy during the next part of this campaign will be key to our success.

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