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Rep. Raskin Joins the Mueller Book Club

Jamie Raskin stands at a podium and gives a speech
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PFAW has partnered with our allies in the Trump Is Not Above the Law coalition to organize a weekly internet broadcast featuring legal and political experts reviewing the Mueller report, section by section, providing insight, discussing its implications, and answering questions. All across the country people watching at home are encouraged to read portions of the report prior to each broadcast, and to meet up with others in their area for additional discussion and analysis after the livestream.

This week members of the coalition were joined by Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who spoke at length about the distinction between “collusion” and “conspiracy,” in the context of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mueller’s report extensively details how the Russian government intervened in the election, including releasing stolen emails from the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and how the Trump campaign was not only aware of Russian efforts to sabotage Clinton but actively chose not to report these foreign attacks on our elections to the authorities.

Participants in the Mueller Book Club are currently reading Volume 1 of the Mueller report, also known as the “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election.” Volume 1 dives into Russian efforts to influence the election, as well as contacts between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. Volume 2 covers the issue of obstruction of justice on the part of the president, citing ten separate occasions where Trump may have obstructed justice.

The Mueller Book Club is a project aimed at elevating the explosive findings contained in the report, in an effort to inform the public and fight back against the misleading spin put out by the White House and Attorney General William Barr, who has repeatedly mischaracterized the conclusions of the special counsel. As Congress decides how to proceed in their own ongoing investigations, it’s critical for the American people to understand just how serious the findings of the Mueller report are, and its implications in ongoing efforts for accountability. As the 2020 election looms large, it’s of paramount importance that the public understands what exactly Robert Mueller found in his nearly two year investigation.