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Diversity & Inclusion in Education

Rev. Delishia Davis Discusses How Affirmative Action Has Impacted Her

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The right-wing Supreme Court majority just banned the use of affirmative action to promote diversity in college admissions, a devastating blow to educational opportunity for all students. Here’s what Reverend Delishia Davis has to say about affirmative action:

“Affirmative action gives us an opportunity to set a legacy for the generation that's here, the generations that are to come. And most importantly, it allows us to be able to grow together as a nation and a world. My family has been beneficiaries of some policies that exist because of affirmative action.

It also gave me an opportunity to have equality and equity in terms of my education. And I want to offer this same to children and youth that are coming up now as well as generations that are to come. This case reinforces for us why our lower courts are so very important.

We need good judges on the bench who understand how our courts and our laws impact all of us. We need them here to protect that remaining diversity effort that is across our country. You and I, as citizens have a tremendous responsibility to make sure that there is equity and diversity all in our land.

And so we must act and respond now.”

To try to limit the bad effects of the Court's ruling, we need as many fair-minded judges on our lower courts as possible. Contact your senators today and urge them to take action.