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The Advocate: Donald Trump-Loving Pastor’s Christian Military Academy Promises No LGBTQ+ or ‘Woke’ Teachings

Donald Trump at a podium that reads "Faith and Freedom"
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First published in The Advocate via Yahoo News.

An anti-LGBTQ+ pastor in South Carolina described as Trump’s top pastor has announced plans to open a K-12 Christian military academy free from LGBTQ+ and other “woke agenda” teachings.

Pastor Mark Burns of the Harvest Praise & Worship Center in Easley announced the creation of the new Burns Military Christian Academy in a post to Facebook this month.


He has called for the arrest of parents of trans kids and has compared the LGBTQ+ “agenda” to the techniques used by the Nazis to indoctrinate children. According to Right Wing Watch, he described LGBTQ+ studies as indoctrination and akin to the practices used by the Nazis to train “future stormtroopers” while they were young.

Read the full article in The Advocate via Yahoo News.