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The Progressive Happy Hour: The Other Roy Moore Scandal

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Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore has been all over the news recently for his alleged sexual harassment and assault of young women, including teenage girls. But even before this, Moore’s record of extremism was already known, and the willingness of many Republicans to stand by him despite that history—in some cases, because of that history—is itself a scandal.

In the December 1 episode of “The Progressive Happy Hour,” hosts Christin “Cici” Battle and Drew Courtney sit down with PFAW Senior Fellow Peter Montgomery, who has been following Roy Moore and other far-right figures for more than two decades and is the author of a new report on Moore’s history of bigotry and contempt for the rule of law.

“Even in the context of today’s Republican party, he’s his own level of extreme,” Peter said. “This is a moment to really hold Republicans accountable…They need to explain why they’re willing to tolerate someone who wants to put gay people in jail.”

Also in this episode, Drew and Cici find a topic that is the perfect intersection of their interests: the upcoming royal wedding.

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