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Capital B News: Black Artists Respond to Increased Restrictions on Reproductive Rights

First published in Capital B News. 

Artist's hands covered in paint
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People For's Artists For Democracy campaign is on display in this article that gets at the heart of how artist Beverly McIver was inspired by the overturning of Roe V. Wade to create art for this campaign. 

It took years for Beverly McIver to come back to the photo she snapped at the North Carolina Museum of Art. A woman had walked by completely naked, coated with black paint and outlines of flowers down her body. She was blending into the painting behind her. McIver, stunned in that moment, didn’t know that woman would be her muse, and that she’d paint her years later. She didn’t know a cry for reproductive justice would spill out of her and onto the canvas until it happened. 

Suddenly, the figure of the woman she had seen filled the page along with the words, “VOTE” with a drawing of a uterus as a “T.” She called the painting, Black Beauty.  

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