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The Guardian: ‘It’s our job to change it for the better’: can artists influence the US election?

First published in the Guardian.

Art for democracy-- piece by Sheppard Fairey on the left and Beverly McIver on the right
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The Guardian article details campaign promises and strategy for People For's Artists for Democracy 2024 campaign.

I think what we’ve learned is that one man’s hope is another man’s fear,” broadcaster Alex Wagner observed in the final episode of the Showtime channel’s The Circus. “Barack Obama was the embodiment of hope for a lot of people and the embodiment of fear for a sizable portion of this country. And the same is true for Donald Trump. They are twinned emotions and we as a country cannot reconcile that.”

Street artist and social activist Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster was a defining image of Obama’s winning 2008 election campaign. Sixteen years on, with another presidential poll looming, it can often feel like fear has the upper hand in American politics. But Fairey is again at work to show that art can make a difference.

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