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HuffPost: 'Stunning Diversity': How Joe Biden Reshaped The Courts In 2023

First published in HuffPost.

Judge Nicole Berger at her confirmation hearing.
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People For Executive Vice President Marge Baker celebrates the Biden administration's success in filling judicial nominations but urges the President that there is still much work to do to secure the judiciary.

Joe Biden did something this year that no other president has done.

He put a citizen of the Navajo Nation into a lifetime federal judgeship.


Marge Baker, an executive vice president of People for the American Way, a progressive advocacy group, said that Biden “deserves congratulations for the stunning diversity of his judicial nominees,” but emphasized that he and Democrats must keep their eye on the ball in 2024.

“We want to see all the vacancies filled,” said Baker. “We need to focus on filling vacancies in Southern and Midwestern states; we need nominees for all these seats and we need Senate prioritization to get nominees on the calendar confirmed ASAP.”

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