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“All Safe: Transforming Public Safety”: One Year Later 

Transforming Public Safety
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Washington D.C. — This week, People For the American Way recognizes the first anniversary of its comprehensive All Safe: Transforming Public Safety report with a look at where public safety reform stands today and what needs to happen next. People For notes that in the 12 months since the release of “All Safe,” fatal police shootings of civilians continue to rise and the shootings of Black residents remain disproportionately high. At the same time, People For finds increasing willingness among local elected officials to embrace key public safety reforms, while important steps are happening in key municipalities.

“We are encouraged by the positive response to the reforms proposed in All Safe,” said Svante Myrick, president of People For the American Way. “For the past year, we have been reaching out to mayors across the country to engage them in public safety reform. “Communities including Albuquerque, NM; Berkeley, CA; and Brooklyn Center, MN, have already committed to reforms and adopted some of our ‘All Safe’ policies. Our goal is to brief 40 cities across the country and get the ‘All Safe’ model adopted, and I think we’ll accomplish that.”

Since last June, People For has briefed more than a dozen cities and U.S. mayors on the report, reaching more than 32 percent of its goal.

As part of People For’s Justice Campaign, “All Safe” responds to the twin crises of police violence and communities’ growing concerns about rising crime, and provides a blueprint for local governments and public officials to reduce police violence and improve public safety overall by taking steps in four key areas:


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