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Money in Politics

Americans Across the Nation Vote to Get Big Money Out of Politics

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Layne Amerikaner or Laura Epstein
People For the American Way
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Maine and Seattle Voters Approve Reform Measures

WASHINGTON – Yesterday voters in Maine and Seattle approved reform measures aimed at reducing the influence of big money in elections. In Maine, voters passed a ballot initiative to strengthen the state’s clean elections system, increase transparency in political spending, and increase penalties for violations of campaign finance laws. Seattle voters passed an initiative that, among other measures, implements a first-in-the-country “democracy vouchers” system allowing voters to donate money to any participating candidate, aimed at giving candidates an incentive to put more focus on everyday voters and less focus on wealthy donors.

“We already knew that Americans care deeply about getting big money out of elections, and yesterday’s victories showed that voters are taking it upon themselves to make real progress in our cities and states,” said Marge Baker, executive vice president at People For the American Way. “Voters are frustrated with the big money takeover of our democracy, and they’re channeling that frustration into action. The victories yesterday in Maine and Seattle should remind people across the country that change is indeed possible on money in politics.”

In recent weeks, PFAW hasmobilized our activists in Maine and Seattle to engage in this fight, encouraging them to both vote themselves and to help turn others out to the polls.