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Dobson Clings to Clout

Press Release
Drew Courtney or Josh Glastetter
People For the American Way
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In response to James Dobson’s endorsement of Governor Mike Huckabee, People For the American Way Political Director Mary Jean Collins issued the following statement:

"James Dobson, in a craven attempt to remain a kingmaker among the far right, has issued a half-hearted, middle-of-the-night endorsement of Mike Huckabee — only after John McCain has become the front-runner and almost by default, the GOP nominee. It’s a move that further exposes the deep divisions among the self-appointed leaders of the radical right.

It's not as though Huckabee is new to the race — he's been courting the right-wing since the beginning. While Dobson didn’t endorse Mitt Romney, he was clearly his candidate of choice and it's only now after McCain has emerged and Romney has dropped out that Dobson has 'discovered' Huckabee’s right-wing cred.

So what’s it to be? Political power or ideological purity? The far right seems to be faced with a difficult choice — back McCain, who many conservatives openly despise, or Huckabee, whose extremisim appeals so far only to GOP voters in the South? The movement may solve its problems by embracing a McCain-Huckabee ticket. Now, that would be the height of hypocrisy.”