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In Florida: People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! Announces Statewide Six-Figure Spanish-Language Radio Ad Buy

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Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Ft Myers, Florida— Today, People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program announced a Spanish-language radio ad buy across Florida, focused on Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis and the impacts it’s had on the economy and jobs, especially in the Latino community.

Simply titled “Biden,” the 60 second ad started airing yesterday, October 20th and runs through November 1st in an effort to persuade Florida’s Latino movable voters to cast ballots for Joe Biden in a state that experts believe is critical for Donald Trump to win.

The ad will run on 17 Spanish-language stations across the state, including five stations in Orlando, three in Jacksonville, four in West Palm Beach and five stations in Ft Myers.

Listen to the ad here.

There are an estimated 32 million eligible Latino voters nationwide and an estimated 2.5 million registered Latino voters in Florida alone, which represents 17 percent of all registered voters in the state. This year, Latino voters will be the largest racial or ethnic minority participating in a presidential election.

“For months now, Florida has been one of the nation’s most dangerous COVID-19 hotspots,” said President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous. “ With over 750,000 cases and 16,000 deaths, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump have shown Latino voters the ineptitude of Republican leadership. Floridians know that the Biden/Harris ticket offers real, competent leadership that they can trust."

“Trump’s failure to manage the coronavirus has devastated Latinos in Florida,” said People For the American Way board member, civil rights and labor leader Dolores Huerta. “During these last two weeks before Election Day, it’s critically important to get out the vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who will provide the public health and economic solutions to the pandemic that Latinos desperately need.”

“Latino voters are critical to winning Florida: we decide the election," said People For the American Way Political Director Lizet Ocampo. “Latinos Vote! and People For the American Way are deeply committed to reaching out and engaging the Latino community across Florida because we know that it will be Latino voters that carry the Biden/Harris ticket to victory.”



V1: Rocio! ¡Se llevaron a mi papá al hospital por el corona virus!

V2: Ay Elena…

V1: ¡Estoy furiosa! ¡Las decisiones de Trump en esta pandemia nos tienen hundidos! Sigue ignorando las recomendaciones de los expertos – como el Dr. Fauci. Hasta se burla de los que tienen el Covid – diciendo que no es nada grave!

V2: ¡Por eso tenemos que apoyar a Joe Biden para presidente! ¡Él sí escucha a los expertos!

Joe Biden fue el vicepresidente, sabe cómo manejar la respuesta del gobierno a esta crisis… Elena, Biden fue el líder que regreso nuestra economía de la recesión y también actuó para prevenir un desastre con Ebola.

V1: Ah si. Con Biden podemos abrir las escuelas, abrir la economía, y regresar a nuestros trabajos – sin arriesgar nuestras vidas.

V2: Y el quiere aumentar la ayuda del seguro médico.

V1: Tienes razón Rocio! Voy a rezar por mi papá y voy a votar por el demócrata Joe Biden para presidente!


People For the American Way es responsable por el contenido de este anuncio. Pagado por People For the American Way independiente de cualquier candidato o comité de candidatos.



SL Radio :60

V1: Rocio! They took my dad to the hospital because of the corona virus!

V2: Oh, Elena!

V1: I’m furious! Trump’s decisions during this pandemic have put us in a terrible place! He keeps ignoring the experts’ recommendations - like Dr. Fauci’s. He even mocks those who have Covid by saying it’s nothing serious!

V2: That’s why we have to support Joe Biden for President! He does listen to the experts! Joe Biden was Vice President, he knows how to manage the government’s response to this crisis…Elena, Biden was the leader that brought back our economy from the recession and also acted to prevent a disaster with Ebola.

V1: Ah yes. With Biden we can open schools, open the economy, and return to our jobs – without risking our lives.

V2: And he wants to increase financial help when it comes to health care.

V1: You’re right Rocio. I’m going to pray for my dad, and I’m going to vote for Democrat Joe Biden for president!


People For the American Way is responsible for the content of this advertising. Paid for by People For the American Way independent of any candidate or candidate committee.


About Latinos Vote

People For the American Way’s Latinos Vote! program exposes and counters anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric and policies. Through electoral work and issue-based campaigns, we hold groups, leaders and influencers accountable for the harm they do to immigrant and Latino communities. For nearly ten years, we’ve run bilingual paid and earned media campaigns in swing states where the Latino vote can be decisive.

El programa Latinos Vote! de People For the American Way expone y combate la retórica y las políticas anti-inmigrantes y anti-latinos. Nuestro programa se organiza mediante trabajo electoral y campañas basadas en temas especificos. En estas areas hacemos responsables a los grupos, líderes y a personas de influencia por el daño que causan a las comunidades inmigrantes y latinas. Por casi diez años, hemos realizado campañas pagadas y logrado campañas ganadas en medios bilingües destinadas a ganar en los estados claves donde el voto latino puede ser decisivo.

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