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National Support for School Vouchers Drops

Press Release
Drew Courney
People For the American Way
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The Gallup Organization and Phi Delta Kappa, the national honors fraternity for education scholars and professionals, released a survey which showed a drop in support for publicly funded private school vouchers. The survey, produced annually, showed that the percentage of respondents favoring vouchers dropped from 38% a year ago to 36% this year. Opposition grew from 57% to 60%.

People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas issued the following statement:

This study shows again that Americans want strong public schools, not private school vouchers. Those who are pushing to create and expand publicly funded school voucher programs are out of touch with the American ideal of a quality public education for every child.

People understand that an excellent public school system should be one of our top priorities. We owe it to every child to equip them with the learning they need to excel in the workplace and in life.