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People For Praises Progress on Judges, Calls for More Confirmations in August 

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Washington, DC — Following two weeks of progress on confirming judges, and the twenty-third round of nominees recently announced by President Joe Biden, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“The Biden administration and Senate Democrats clearly understand that we can’t repair our democracy without repairing our courts, but they must keep prioritizing this work. The Senate should confirm every nominee who has been advanced by the Judiciary Committee before Labor Day, and they should do whatever is necessary to get that done, even if it means delaying or canceling the August recess.

“With 74 lifetime federal judges confirmed so far, the Biden-Schumer-Durbin team is confirming judges at a pace not seen in 60 years – although on circuit judges, they have fallen significantly behind where Trump and McConnell were four years ago. This week’s newly confirmed judges include the first Latina judge in the Northern District of Illinois Nancy Maldonado, whose career shows a commitment to civil rights. They also include Michelle Childs, confirmed to the D.C. Circuit, a Black woman who has worked to help other judges detect and reduce implicit racial bias in their courtrooms.

“There are also 16 new lifetime judicial nominees that will enhance the personal and professional diversity of our nation’s judges, including Jamal Whitehead, the administration’s first judicial nominee with a disability; Jamar Walker, a Black man who will be the first openly LGBTQ+ federal judge in Virginia; and numerous individuals with experience as public defenders, civil rights attorneys, and labor lawyers. This is the continued pace of progress necessary to repair our courts, guard against future obstruction, and protect our democracy.”

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