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People For the American Way Calls on Congress to Expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Washington, DC — Following the news that U.S. Representative Marjorie Greene indicated support for executing Democratic politicians in 2018 and 2019, before being elected to Congress, People For the American Way President Ben Jealous released the following statement calling for her expulsion:

“U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is unfit for public office, and we demand that she be expelled from Congress. She is a QAnon conspiracy theorist, a 9/11 denier known for espousing bigoted views, and an elected official who has used social media to support and promote the execution of members of Congress and FBI agents. Her fearmongering and hateful rhetoric, which includes racist ranting about Muslim ‘invasions’ of the U.S. and calling the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, which left 26 people as young as six a years old dead, a hoax. Such hateful speech is dangerous and unacceptable. We have seen what violent rhetoric and the spread of misinformation does to our nation and we demand that she be removed from public office.”


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