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People For the American Way Urges Returning Senate to Prioritize Judges  

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Washington D.C. –  As the Senate returns to Washington, People For the American Way President Svante Myrick released the following statement:

“The Senate is returning to a lot of new and unfinished business, and all of it is important. But the need to move forward with the nomination and confirmation of federal judges is more than just important – it’s urgent. Right now there are 92 vacancies on our federal courts, and no time to waste for this administration and Senate to act as elections will be here before we know it. President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Judiciary Committee Chair Durbin have done great work nominating and confirming highly qualified, fair-minded, accomplished and diverse judges to the federal bench. We know they share a commitment to this work and to its importance.  Now’s the time for the administration and Senate to show this is their top priority this fall.”


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