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PFAW Responds to the Grand Jury Indictment of One Louisville Police Officer in Breonna Taylor’s Death

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Washington, D.C.—In response to the news about the grand jury indictment of Officer Brett Hankison, one of the Louisville police officers who entered Breonna Taylor's home and shot her to death, President of People For the American Way Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“Today’s announcement is yet another example of why we must continue to march, protest, demonstrate, obstruct, vote and use whatever peaceful means necessary to demand change. Justice for Breonna means arresting, prosecuting and sentencing all the officers responsible for her murder. This decision falls well short of the justice Breonna deserves and so we must fight on. The system must change. If those in power lack the courage to do so, then we the people have to demand better until the system bends to our will. As Americans who believe in justice and fairness, we must act to change reckless, deadly policing policies and the system that protects police when they murder unarmed civilians. We must do it for Breonna. We must do it for every family who has had to suffer the heartbreaking disappointment of a system that continues time and time again to deny their humanity.”

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