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PFAW Statement on Day Four of Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

Press Release
Derrick Crowe
People For the American Way
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In response to the fourth day of the hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement:

“If the rest of this week highlighted the danger Brett Kavanaugh poses to our country, today’s hearing shone a spotlight on the people who will suffer if he’s confirmed. While Republicans continued to laud Kavanaugh for being a nice guy to the people he meets in his daily life, the witnesses who made the biggest impact underscored that the question isn’t whether Kavanaugh is friendly or charming, but what he’d do to the lives of ordinary Americans. Women who need access to birth control and abortion, children who need access to affordable healthcare, teachers who want to be able to do their job as educators and students who want to be able to go to school without the fear of mass shootings—those are the people counting on Senators to say no to this confirmation.

“Just as Democratic senators made clear earlier in the week that this confirmation isn’t business as usual, the ordinary people from all walks of life who testified about why they oppose Brett Kavanaugh made clear that it’s real people who will pay the price for a corrupt process and an extreme nominee. Now it’s up to Senators of both parties to listen to what they had to say.”

PFAW is also publishing regular fact checks throughout the hearings. Here are selected fact checks so far:

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