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Hate and Discrimination

PFAW: Trump’s "Denaturalization" Effort Shows Incredibly High Stakes of Election

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Laurie Kinney
People For the American Way
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Trump’s attack on immigrants, communities of color knows no bounds

WASHINGTON, D.C.— In response to reports that the Trump administration has created a Denaturalization Section within the Justice Department to strip naturalized citizens of their legal status, PFAW Political Director and Director of the PFAW Latinos Vote! program Lizet Ocampo released the following statement:

"The creation of a so-called Denaturalization Section within the Justice Department is extremely alarming, but not surprising given the white nationalist and supremacist policies continually coming out of this White House. Nothing indicates that Donald Trump will not use this as a weapon against communities toward which his administration has shown its prejudice and hostility: people of color, people of different faiths, people from parts of the world that Trump has disparaged in the most offensive terms. We can only imagine how abuse of this new office could run rampant under four more years of the Trump administration. There is no such thing as crossing the line in Trump’s world: his attacks against 'others' know no bounds. This highlights the incredibly high stakes of this election and underscores how important it is to vote in November to prevent Trump from continuing to target our communities with racist policies and hateful rhetoric, both of which result in disastrous consequences for us all."

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