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PFAWF: Roberts Court Scoffs at International Law

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Josh Glasttetter or Drew Courtney
People For the American Way
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Medellin Decision Further Erodes U.S. Standing in the World

People For the American Way Foundation (PFAWF) President Kathryn Kolbert had the following reaction to Chief Justice John Roberts’ opinion in the Medellin v. Texas decision issued today by the United States Supreme Court:

"This deeply troubling opinion is a reminder of how much the Supreme Court has changed during the Bush Administration, and how important future nominations to the Court will be. Our individual rights and respect on the world stage depend on the future makeup of the Court.

The most disturbing aspect of this case is that Chief Justice Roberts is signaling that the United States can simply ignore its obligations under international treaties. It's a ruling that will further erode our standing in the world at a time when pictures of torture at Abu Ghraib and stories of prisoners being detained for years without access to justice have tarnished our reputation as a nation devoted to justice and the rule of law.

"Would he feel the same about Americans detained in foreign nations? We must respect the rights of others to protect our own. We can and must enforce our laws and defend our borders without abandoning the treaties we have signed."