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Senate Confirms One Judicial Nominee, GOP Holds Up Many More

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Drew Courtney or Miranda Blue
People For the American Way
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By a vote of 71 to 21, the Senate today confirmed Jane Stranch to a seat on the Sixth Circuit Court of appeals.  Stranch was nominated more than a year ago, but her confirmation was held up by Republican leaders who refused to consent to a time agreement for her vote, despite the fact that her nomination was supported by her two home-state Republican senators, Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander.

“The confirmation of Jane Stranch is exhibit A for the unprecedented obstruction faced by President Obama’s nominees,” said Marge Baker, Executive Vice President at People For the American Way.  “Jane Stranch is obviously qualified and well within the judicial mainstream.  Bipartisan support from the President and her home state senators means that her confirmation should have been a foregone conclusion.  But with the relentless obstruction and dangerous politicking of the Senate GOP, it took well over a year for her to be confirmed.”

Also today, President Obama resubmitted five nominees whose names GOP Senators refused to allow even to remain on the Senate’s executive calendar. Also waiting for votes are sixteen other nominees, 14 of whom were approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee without any opposition.

“The GOP is doing everything it can to earn its reputation as the party of ‘no,’” said Baker.  “I’m glad the President and Senator Leahy are committed to fighting for the highly qualified nominees the Republicans have obstructed.  It’s too bad that the minority party has so little interest in participating in the business of governing.  It’s clear that they’re far more interested in tripping up the President than in making sure that our judicial system—and our government—work for the American people.”