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Voters Alliance Radio Ads Urge Georgians to Get to the Polls, Vote Jim Martin for Senate December 2

Press Release
Drew Courtney or Stacey Gates
People For the American Way Voters Alliance
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With Senate seats in Georgia and Minnesota yet to be decided, People For the American Way Voters Alliance today announced that it’s running a radio ad in multiple Georgia markets encouraging Georgia voters to go to the polls Election Day, December 2, to give President-elect Barack Obama a strong ally in Congress. The ads, which are now airing across the state, urge Georgians to vote for Jim Martin for Senate and oppose Senator Saxby Chambliss, who in his six years in the Senate has tried to roll back laws that protect our right to vote, and opposed fair pay for women.

The script for the ad reads:

“I’m Rev. Joseph Lowery, my beloved, congratulating you for the way you turned out for Barack Obama on November 4th. But on December 2nd, he needs our support again. We believe he’ll bring change to Washington, but he can’t do it alone. We’ve got to send strong allies to support him. Saxby Chambliss would oppose Obama every step of the way. Democrat Jim Martin will support Barack Obama and fight for the things that matter most. But he can’t stand with Obama unless we stand with him. Go to the polls Election Day, December 2nd and vote to give Barack Obama a powerful ally in Washington. Vote Jim Martin for U.S. Senate. I’m Rev. Joseph Lowery. Thank you my beloved.

“It’s time for Georgians to go to the polls and send Jim Martin to Washington to stand with our new president and deliver the change that we need,” said Kathryn Kolbert, President of People for the American Way Voters Alliance. “On common sense issues like jobs, voting rights, education, and healthcare, Saxby Chambliss has fought against new ideas every step of the way. He stood with George Bush, and that’s a far cry from the change we deserve.”

The ad is available here (mp3 format).

You can learn more about the People For the American Way Voters Alliance at

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