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Disrupting extremism, defending democracy
MAGA insurrectionists pose at the US Capitol on January 6th

MAGA Republicans won’t stop until they take over our country and impose their will on the rest of us

Right Wing Watch exposes the ongoing threat – so we know how we can fight back.

Our democracy is at stake

America’s future as an inclusive democratic society is at stake. Dangerous voices from the far-right fringes pull the broader conservative movement further from democratic values. MAGA leaders undermine supporters’ faith in democracy, encouraging a turn toward authoritarianism and political violence. Aggressive Christian nationalists and white nationalists fuel antisemitism, Islamophobia, racially motivated violence, and harassment against LGBTQ people. Legislatures wage war on the right to vote and the freedom to read, teach, and learn the truth about American history. Our freedoms are at risk.

A member of the oathkeepers, Donald Trump, and Ali Alexander

How we're fighting back

Right Wing Watch exposes and disrupts antidemocratic forces through reporting and analysis, in-depth investigations, informative media production, and tools for activists. Right Wing Watch serves as an early warning system on dangerous candidates and movements—and an accountability mechanism for “establishment” players who embrace and enable them.

How we'll win

  • Shaping national narratives by sharing credible expertise to reporters and scholars
  • Equipping public officials with actionable intelligence about emerging leaders and movements 
  • Exposing hidden agendas and far-right candidates  
  • Discrediting and countering disinformation
Right Wing Watch's social clips exposing Christian Nationalist groups have been viewed millions of times online.

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