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Paul Gordon

Senior Legislative Counsel

Paul Gordon is People For the American Way's senior legislative counsel, where he focuses particularly on matters relating to the federal courts, including the Supreme Court. Gordon specializes in analysis of the real impacts of important court decisions, including cases on money in politics, voting rights, religious liberty, LGBTQ equality, and the growing power of corporate interests. He also regularly engages with government officials and national and state coalitions on judicial nominations to ensure that our courts have highly qualified, independent judges who take seriously our Constitution’s promises of equality, liberty, and justice. Gordon has been cited as an expert in both national and local media such as The Hill, McClatchy, the Latin Post, Al Jazeera America, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and Metro Weekly.

Politically active for many years, Gordon has worked with state and local officials for LGBTQ equality and community welfare concerns. Gordon was previously an attorney at the Federal Communications Commission in Washington, DC, working on national regulatory policies for television and radio. He is a graduate of Yale University and Georgetown University Law Center.

Areas of expertise
  • Fair and Just Courts
  • LGBTQ Equality