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activist carries a bullhorn in front of the capitol.

Tell Your Senators: Confirm More Judges!

Tell Your Senators: Move Quickly on Judicial Nominations!

Man holding a megaphone in front of the Supreme Court

Since taking office, President Biden has moved faster than most of his predecessors when it comes to judicial confirmations. However, there are still many vacancies across the federal judiciary at the district and circuit court levels.

The good news is that there are nominees currently in the pipeline to fill some of those vacancies. The bad news is that – because of Republican obstruction – it will take a lot of time to get them confirmed.

Repairing the damage done to our country by the Trump administration requires repairing our courts – and that means the Senate can’t let up on confirming the president’s nominees.

Sign the petition and tell your senators: Work with Majority Leader Schumer to prioritize judicial nominations, fill these vacancies and repair our courts.


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