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VP Debate Highlights the Importance of the Supreme Court

During his debate with Paul Ryan, Vice President Biden reminded Americans of one of the most important issues of the presidential election: The Supreme Court. When asked about abortion rights, Biden said:

The court -- the next president will get one or two Supreme Court nominees. That's how close Roe v. Wade is. Just ask yourself, with Robert Bork being the chief adviser on the court for -- for Mr. Romney, who do you think he's likely to appoint? Do you think he's likely to appoint someone like Scalia or someone else on the court far right that would outlaw (inaudible) -- outlaw abortion? I suspect that would happen.

Mitt Romney's choice of Robert Bork speaks volumes about what a Romney Court would do to America, not just for four years but for decades to come, since Justices have lifetime tenures. Bork's extremism caused a bipartisan Senate to reject his nomination to the Supreme Court in 1987, and for good reason.

As People For the American Way reported earlier this year in our Borking America report, he called legal desegregation of motels and lunch counters "unsurpassed ugliness." As a circuit court judge, Bork routinely ruled in favor of corporate power over ordinary Americans. He has said the Constitution allows states to criminalize the use of birth control and abortion, that the Equal Protection Clause doesn't apply to women, and ruled as a judge that a company could order its female employees to be sterilized or be fired.

This is the man that Mitt Romney would have picking our next Supreme Court Justices.

Vice President Biden has spoken before about the danger of the Romney Court, and it is not a pretty picture.

Check out our Romney Court site to get a full idea of the damage that his right-wing justices would do to Americans across the country.